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Colombo Chronicles 
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A Brief Bio, Legal Advocate in Huntington Beach, CA

"There is only Justice for $um and for Some"

Rose M. Colombo, Irwin Award winning author Rose Colombo, an award winning published author, writer, poet, cable TV producer and Host featured in international full page magazines, newspapers, as well as her award winning book, Fight Back Legal Abuse: How to Protect Yourself From Your Own Attorney recommended by radio and newspapers around the nation. She's won many awards for her contributions such as the Jeannie Angel Award presented by the So. California Motion Picture Council, and the Journalism of Arts, Media Breakfast Club, Poet of Merit, Poet Scholar, and Poet Fellow presented by the prestigious Nobel House, NY and London as well as the International Society of Poets. She's been seen on television and heard on radio as an authority and a pioneer fighting back and exposing injustices. Rose is award winning licensed Beauty Adviser and traveled around the nation for major skin care and cosmetic lines. She's a long time Legal Advocate in Huntington Beach, CA and activist and proposed laws that have been implemented in the state of California.

A Legal Coach That You Can Count On

Rose Colombo was content running a quaint spa and baking cookies for four kids when—to her surprise—she found her life completely turned upside down. She felt overwhelmed and inundated when she was hit with legal papers.

Caught up in a myriad of injustices and legal abuses, she ended up becoming a whistleblower. After that, she decided to create Women Fight Back—a self-help, women's advocacy group for those who are caught up in the legal system. She spent years as a legal advocate for justice, guiding people through the dark side of justice and exposing the untold legal abuses that are recurring around the nation.

Fight Back Legal Abuse has appeared in the prestigious Daily Law Journal as well as Veterans Reporter News, and it's been featured in local and national radio. The book has been recommended as a wealth of information that everyone needs to read. Fight Back Legal Abuse is the beginning of a series of books that will help people become survivors, as the legal system remains a mystery.

Put a Knowledgeable Ally In Your Corner

Rose has gained knowledge from research, interviewing litigants, consulting with litigants and proposing laws which have been implemented. She's brought awareness to the problems within the Family Law Courts that helped change the way her county treated litigants with little of no knowledge of how to order forms or fill out forms. She's been honored with community and media awards for her work with victims of injustices that reach across the nation. Colombo has interviewed lawyers, community leaders, victims of injustices, and politicians on both legal and political issues that effect our lives and that of future generations who deserve the best we can offer.

List of Achievements:

1. Jeannie Angel Award for TV Host presented by the Southern California Motion Picture Council for Rose Colombo's contributions to the entertainment industry and Performing Arts 

2. The Journalism Arts Award presented to Rose Colombo approved by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors of City News Service for Rose Colombo's newspaper column, "One Woman's Opinion." 

3. The Irwin Award presented to Rose Colombo by the Book Publicists of Southern California by popular radio host, Tom "Shotgun Kelly" at a banquet with media personalities for her amazon 5 Star Review book featured around the world, "Fight Back Legal Abuse." 

4. Irwin Award 2016 presented to Rose Colombo for "best political satire" by the media 40-year group, Book Publicists of Southern California and latest amazon 5 Star Review, "Obamacare, Dinosaurs, RedNecks & Radicals." 

5. Media Breakfast Club Award and front page photo of Rose Colombo with top 10 Personalities Magazine and Certificate presented to Rose for her Meritorious work in helping expose the plight of the Philippine soldiers who helped win the WWII and had been denied veteran's benefits. 

6 The Marquis Who's Who Publications Board certification for Rose Colombo's bio published in the following books, "Marquis, "Who's Who in the World," and "Who's Who of American Women," and "Who's Who in America." 

7. The Trophy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry presented by the international "World of Poetry" with special guest, "Maya Angelou," and "Vincent Price" reciting poetry held at an international banquet in Florida. 

7. The prestigious award, Fellow Poet, presented by the well-respected Nobel House, London and New York for Rose Colombo's published poem, "There is a Mountain." 

8. Poet of Merit Bronze Medal presented to Rose Colombo from the Board of Directors of the International Society of Poetry. 

9. Poet Scholar Bronze Medal presented to Rose Colombo for her poetry approved by the Board of Directors of the International Society of Poetry. 

10. Several Editor's Choice awards and the Silver and Golden Certificates presented to Rose Colombo from the World of Poetry. 

11. Letter of Commendation from Governor Jerry Brown for helping a teenage girl while working for the Chief of Psychiatry at the Crisis Clinic. Rose Colombo helped protest the closing of the Crisis Clinic for the mentally challenged and the hospitals who cared for the mentally challenged which she believes is one of the biggest failures in American History that isn't addressed.


"Notes from Grateful Victims addressed to Dear Rose!" 

"Just a note to say thanks for starting this organization......and care enough to continue even when things get rough. Just knowing you are there gives me strength...every day I struggle constantly to keep from being paralyzed on my left side. I've told many people about your organization and night after night as I relive the horrors I've suffered in court at the hands of these judges and attorneys and the injuries they've left me with untreated for going on 17 years, I think about your group. I lost almost everything I could then the attorney destroyed my 30-years of perfect credit. I wish I had my normal strength to fight back. May God Bless all You do."  D.B.

"Dear Rose, ' The truth shall set us free." Honorable Presiding Judge Nancy Wieben Stock OC Superior Court 

Dear Rose, "It [corruption''] really is all true. Your Friend, Johnny," (Senator John De Camp)